The Liebster Award Q&A

This is very overdue, but I have found myself with a bit of time since I only have one exam remaining, and I have about 11 days to revise for it – so I can afford a break from revision 😉

First, and foremost a huge shout out to GhezalPlusMovies who for some absurd reason nominated me. You are far too kind, and everyone needs to check out your blog because amongst many other things you have the best film rating system. SPOILER ALERT *whispers* it includes Matt Damon.

Huge shoutout to Flickbox as well for the nomination. Again another fantastic blog with brilliant reviews  – I am perplexed but honoured to even be considered!!! Two of my favourite blogs here so again check ’em out.

How this works:

  1. Thank the bloggers who nominated you, and answer the 11 questions by them. 
  2. Nominate 11 bloggers of your own and include 11 questions you’d like your nominees to answer.


Ghezal’s Questions:

  1. Have you ever snuck into a movie at the theatres and if so, how many is your record?

Never. Cinemas is the only thing I will always happily pay for. However, I did once after purchasing a ticket sneak into another screening to see what’s on, does that count? As I like to say, if you buy one ticket, you buy a ticket for all the films.

2. If you could have dinner with any movie character, who would you pick and why?

Steve Rogers! He is the best in MCU both in terms of character and film. He is the nicest guy ever and i’m sure he’ll be so nice to talk to about anything. Plus i’m pretty sure he would bring Bucky along! Damn I just love them two – otp 😉

3. If you could be a character in any movie universe, who would you pick and why?

This one has to be Harry Potter. Been a fan since the age of 5, it pains me that it isn’t real (or is it?) I’ve been to the studio tour and it was AMAZING!!! I belong at Hogwarts! Always. 😉

4. What are your Top 5 favourite TV shows of all-time?

  1. Sherlock – This is literally the best and Benedict Cumberbatch!!!
  2. Supernatural – I just love Sam and Dean
  3. 90210
  4. Gossip Girl
  5. American Horror Story/Friends/Mr Robot

5. Are there any actors/actresses you strive to watch, no matter what the movie/project?

Yes if my faves are in it i will watch it, they include (but not limited to): Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Anne Hathaway.

6. Who is your dream James Bond?

Tom Hardy – have to keep it British of course, personally I think he’ll play Bond perfectly.

7. If you could turn any movie into a TV series, which movie would you pick?

Catch Me if you Can – I suppose you could say this sort of already exists with White Collar, but still. I can so imagine this being a really great TV series.

8. What is your go-to fast food restaurant?

Archies (fairly local place but slowly going global, I hear they are opening in LA)

9. Do you have an all-time favourite Romantic Comedy or Drama couple?

Rom/com – The Devil Wears Prada. Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep are just brilliant I need a sequel.

Drama couple – Noah and Allie (The Notebook) I will not be doing justice if I say anyone else.

10. Chris Evans, Hemsworth or Pine?


11. If you could make your own college course and teach it, what would the title of your course be?

I can’t think of a title but it’d be a study of The Dark Knight trilogy.

Flickbox’s Questions

1. What is the craziest experience you had in the movies ?

This was if anything annoying. A person sat behind me started to take a pictures FOUR times  when I went to watch BvS. The FLASH was on each time, now come on everybody knows you don’t take pictures in the cinema with flash. Scratch that – you don’t take pictures at all. Pissed me of to the max. I turned around each time (I was probably in the picture tbh) and of course I said a swear word or two – including my brother lol.

2. What is the movie that you hate the most ( that you want to see burn ) ?

First thing that comes to mind is Twilight: New Moon. I cannot believe I sat through the entirety of this film OMG. It is hands down probably the worst film I have ever seen. It is literally f(or those of you who are lucky to have not watched it yet) Bella lying down on her bed through the whole film. Like that is the highlight. Seriously, that’s all I recall.

3. What is the movie that you love the most ( that you want to keep in a coffin ) ?

Tough question I can never choose just one. Probably be between Inception, The Dark Knight, Drive and Goodfellas.

4. If you could turn a book into a movie, which one would you choose ?

Ready Player One, but I read this is set to become a film, with Steven Spielberg directing. So i don’t know if this answer counts haha. If you haven’t read this book just go pick it up now, take my word for it, do it, put in your amazon basket.

5. Can you remember the name of the first movie you saw that made you cry ?

I cry at almost every film I watch, i always find something to be emotional about. It might have been Toy Story 3 – when Andy gives all the toys away, making me teary just thinking about it.

6. What is your favourite superhero of all time ? And villain ?

BATMAN!!!! He is the BEST. At five years old I was watching Tim Burton’s Batman films, I’m quite surprised my mum even let me.

The Joker, need I even justify this.

7. If you could have any super power which would it be ?

Lightening speed like The Flash. The possibilities are endless.

8. If they made a movie about your life, what kind of movie would it be ? And which actor or actress would play you in that movie ?

It would definitely be a coming of age film. I’d want Anne Hathaway to play me (so deceptive) but I suppose she would be too old for a coming of age film.

9. Have you ever fallen asleep in the middle of a film ? Why ?

Nope, never, and I don’t think I ever could.

10. Would you be willing to be on a TV show in only your underwear just to make you famous ?


11.Which famous person would you like to have as your best friend?

Can I join Leo and Kate? That would be nice.


My Nominees


My Questions

  1. Which song/score would be the theme tune to the film of your life and why?
  2. You could only watch one film for the rest of your life, which film would it be?
  3. What is your favourite film with your favourite actor?
  4. Who do you think is the worst film director ever?
  5. Sith Lord or Jedi Knight?
  6. What was the first film you watched at cinemas?
  7. If you could be a character in any film franchise which would it be?
  8. A TV show that you wish would come back for a new series?
  9. If you could give an Oscar to anyone who would it be and why?
  10. Have you ever been to a comic-con?
  11. If you could meet anyone, alive or dead, real or fictional who would it be and why?